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Ko's Wellness acupuncture, herbs & massage


We have many years of successful experience in
treating the following diseases:

- Chronic pain (lower back, migraine HA, sciatica, knee, shoulder, tmj, neck,
foot, wrist, plantar fascia) -  your chronic pain will be reduced
50-75%  after the first treatment.
If you still suffer pain with your current treatments or have been
recommended for surgery, please visit Ko'sWellness for a free consultation.

" We have quick solutions if your pains are due to
FM, RA, Neuropathy,
CRPS, and inflammations."

- Diabetes - all diabetes symptoms such as blood sugar, pain, blood
           pressure, erection, liver, kidney, eyes problem will be relieved
- Immunity -  any immune related symptoms will be relieved by enhancing
               body energy balance and harmony. We will show and tell about
               your body imbalance at  your first visit.

- Chronic heart burn - feel better more than 90%   within 1-3 treatments.

Acne & red face - visible result in two weeks satisfaction guaranteed

- Chronic sinusitis - your many years of suffering
           will be relieved
70-99% within 1-3 treatments.

- Male stamina - more power, semen and money
       back are guaranteed
. 100% natural!

- Weight loss -  lose 15 lbs naturally

- Facial rejuvenation - look 10 years younger.

- Peripheral neuropathy

- Fibromyalgia

- R.A.

- Plantar fascia


- Menopause (hot flash, night sweat, tiredness)

- Anxiety & panic attack


- Gastritis

- Infertility

- Low sexual energy

- Fatigue

- Insomnia

- eyes, nose and ears problems

Special !                             

We give our clients  100% natural herbal capsules free that help to improve
  •  Detoxification
  •  Energy
  •  Immune system

We accept ILWU and most PPO insurance plans.
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Ko's Wellness
1931 N. Gaffey St. suite C
San Pedro,CA 90731

"We will help revitalize your chi energy and
create in you harmonious integration of body,
mind and spirit."